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Hello BKM family!

welcome to the castle!

My name is Nu A.K.A Mother Keep The Peace ☮️ 🥰. I am a mother to 1 handsome son, and my siblings also consider me their mother because I helped raised them so add 2 more son’s and 1 daughter lol. Love my family with everything in me! I didn’t really have the chance to have a childhood for I had to quickly grow up and in order to take care of my siblings. Life had its ups and downs but we had each other, and as long as we had each other we was always home.

i am a songwriter, poet, and singer. I enjoy reading poetry and also listening to all genres of music. I love how powerful words can be and the meaningful messages they can hold. I am mesmerized by the way words can be sung or said and touches so deeply that you get chills.

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Mama Keep The Peace

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